Photos from the Circus themed Baby Shower: One tired circus animal under the table.

Its been about a week since the party and I am just recovered and back to normal. My dog is still resting under that table minus all the food! This post is only photos of the event. I got lots of my ideas and inspiration for decoration, games and food  from Pinterest and pinned them to my Pinterest board.

Most of the decorations were purchased as files from The Silhouette Design Store and I blogged about them. Some I needed to modify to fit the cake slice base. Others I changed only the colour.

The food we chose around circus, carnival, amusement park type of food. the games were a big hit. Each booth require the guests to give one of the ten tickets they received when they arrived.

  1. The tattoo  booth with pens and stickers,
  2. Kissing booth with chocolate kisses,
  3. Toss the ball,
  4. Fortune teller:Biggest hit, people swore by how accurate their fortune was!
  5. Guess the weight. This booth had a lovely carousel filled with candy and the person who came closest to the weight got to take it home.
  6. There were no really great photos of the photo booth…ironic…. but the photo booth was tons of fun. The props were made by the kids in the family so although not professional or sturdy, the adults used them and took lots of photos.

The decor was a wow factor for all the guest, and is really not reflected in these photos. The 3 large Carousels were at the entrance, we have a sweet table, a drink table, fruit and veggie table and a savory table, all with signs, decorations, and overflowing with goodies.



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