Hippo Box Card: Lori Whitlock

I hated box card, not sure why maybe because they were; well boxy! The flaps that hung¬†down and all the stuff stuck to the sides was just not me. As I perused Pinterest and other sites looking for 3d cards, these box cards kept popping up and I was thinking: I need to make my […]

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Horse and Castle

    It has been a while since I evaluated files from Silhouette Design Store. I use many of them in my Halloween Brag book that I can talk about but maybe another time: Today I will look at two 3D projects from Snapdragon Snippets. here is a little about why I made them in […]

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Creating your own files

I have been busy creating my own files using Silhouette Studio and today I will share the simple steps to make a paper cut out for a special occasion. This example is for my anniversary but it could be for a new baby, a wedding … you get the drift! This project¬†is a simple version […]

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