Not So Clever People came about when my daughter and I started to think about collaborating on a blog and a business. We tried all kinds of names for our online presence and then one of us said: “we are just not so clever people!” and lo and behold the name has stuck.

While we may not be so clever for naming our site, we try to be clever in developing our files and offering them to you for free.

Both my daughter and I love to be creative and do so in different ways. I love 3d paper like popup cards and scrapbooking, paper cutting, origami and kirigami and my daughter loves game development, drawing, scrapbooking and popup cards. We both love free files and so we are going to develop and share what we do and what we find.

We are also available to create for you. If you have something you want in a digital cut file in SVG, GSP or other formats we will let you know if we can do it. Drop us a line at notsocleverpeople@gmail.com