Creating your own files

I have been busy creating my own files using Silhouette Studio and today I will share the simple steps to make a paper cut out for a special occasion. This example is for my anniversary but it could be for a new baby, a wedding … you get the drift!

This project is a simple version but the principles stay the same if you make a more complicated and intricate design.

First Plan what you will create. Get the fonts and elements you will need:

  1. Fonts should be easy to cut out not too thin or with sharp curves.
  2. Limit the fonts to 3 different fonts styles. I am only using one type “Britannic Bold” but I did look at “Wonderful” and “Rockwell Extra Bold” as possible candidates.
  3. Elements should also be easy to cut out. I get free graphics from places like pixabay  and Creative Fabrica . I am using an element from Samantha font for my flourish and a heart that I  modified from one of my free downloads.
  4. Arrange your elements.


  1. Play with the spacing and size of your font until you are happy with how they look. I changed the spacing of the letters to 85% so that most of the letters touched. I also made the date a slightly smaller size.
  2. Then add the elements that you choose and once you are happy, on to step 3 … notice my flourish is not connected as yet to the words in the photo above.


Use weld option in Silhouette Studio to join the elements together. In the photo below, I welded just the flourish, and the word FOAD. There are pieces of the flourish that are not connecting so I will rearrange.Screenshot 2018-04-19 13.06.34

Screenshot 2018-04-19 13.08.27



Edit the points so the spaces are not too small or at a sharp angle for cutting.In the screenshot below, I am going to delete the little bump where the flourish was welded to the “D”

Screenshot 2018-04-19 13.27.14


Once you are Happy with how the file looks, Send to your cutting machine!

Wedding/Anniversary paper cut
Papercut on poster board

I cut my file out of a shiny poster board i had on hand. The setting on my Silhouette was cardstock and I changed the settings to blade 4 speed 3 force 20. This did not cut right through the paper backing so the next time I will use a force of 25.


Hope this helps.


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