I digressed…

Well, it has been a hectic few months as I ended up making wooden signs for a few clients as Christmas gifts.  For anyone who has read my previous posts, I am all about paper and I did make a few of my Christmas Cards and sell the digital files on my Etsy account.

Here are some of my learning with Vinyl, wood and canvas

  1. when the piece is very large you really need a lot of words to fill the space. this one was 14 x 24, I had a large phrase and it was still a bit empty even after the frame when on.

    Everyone has a friend quote
    Everyone has a friend
  2. Lining everything up went smoothly if you used squares or dots when cutting the words out. When cutting out the “c” I cut all the little black boxes. When I cut the wreath, I cut the little black boxes also together with the blue box at the end of each line. This really helped keep the letters lined up. I did not take a photo so here is a screenshot

    3. I also did some lettering on painted canvas. Regular vinyl was ok but silver tinfoil vinyl was a nightmare and I will use heat transfer vinyl next time for any metallic colours.Th photo does not show but the lettering would not stay stuck down in places.


    Some other wooden signs I did and loved… this one is a screenshot as once again I did not get a chance to take a photo

    Screenshot 2017-12-19 22.00.10

These are still to be delivered:


Should be back on track with my paper items in the New Year.


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