Brag Book 101: All Finished

I delivered my gift to my friend and he was touched that I took the time to make him a gift. In hindsight, the Halloween theme should have been a more romantic gothic but I will do that for my other friend who was there and wanted a brag book.

I did videotape the book, will edit and put on youtube with a link here in a post. What I do have is a photo of the finished book sitting in the case. This is in the shape of a haunted house inspired by Anne’s papercreations.

Looking at the photo, it looks really empty but in my hands, it felt and looked very cluttered. the book I left undecorated on the outside. the roof has a secret trap door and the house sits on the lid of a box that can be used for storage of photos.

here are the pages 1 to 6 again

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