At Last, At Last! The Last Page! Brag Book 101 Page 6

Or is it “Alas Alas” ??? I think I just did not want it to end: the creative zone I was in. Coming up with the layout for each side of the page, refining my research and making the file; just loved it.

So here we are at the last of the six pages. Paper is running low and Micheals does not have this paper collection in stock. I used the gold and silver cardstock that I sprinkled throughout the book very heavily on this last page. I also wanted to add some more surprise elements and this page got two. The photos of the page show the page as incomplete as I am waiting for my shipments of magnets to arrive.

So here are the photos. On side one of page six. Note that on photo 3 there is a card that is a twist and pop card. Fun to make.

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On side two of page six I wanted to use one of the page inserts, but because my paper was running low, I settled for one of the pocket inserts instead. This insert allows for 3 tags.

The surprise is on the right side. with the “trick or treat” written on it. difficult to see but is a double slider card.

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will post the cover next time and photos of the fully complete book.


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