Christmas Tunnel Card V2.

I am back from vacation and it is snowing and cold here. So this next tunnel card is to help make me feel all nice a cozy. I hope you feel the same too!

I am not going to post the step by step for this card. I will give all 3 panels for the card in Studio3 and GSP  format but not each image that I made for the card.

This will be a two part blog entry: this blog post has all the panels for the Card, the next Blog post will have how to connect it all together, which is slightly different from our first tunnel card.

Although I colored each card in the preview image a different color, I personally will cut in one color or slightly different shades of a color.

Hope you enjoy and share your finished project on our facebook page.

Feel free to share this blog post and to use for your personal use only.

Christmas at home STUDIO3

Christmas at home GSP

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