8 Steps to making a Tunnel Card with a Christmas Scene V2.

I finished putting the card together and realize I need to do a few adjustments, so I will share the steps on how I put the card together, but will post the link to the completed updated version later.

First of all, I wanted to have a “cover” for the card so this is what I came up with:

  1. A solid back, made from cardstock that is is 100 lb weight, this would also have the sides to stick the panels on. The bent sides shown here is where I will stick the bookbinding inserts shown in  step 2.



2. The bookbinding method I am using is a little different from the first card. This method has 3 mountains and 4 flat spaces. The card stock is 100 Lb weight and I found it a bit too heavy. I also think that I like the first method in my previous post of attaching and spacing the panels.

As you can see from the piece that is not folded,  all the score marks are there so don’t worry!

Important is to make sure the mountain parts are very well stuck together.


3. I added a bit of color to the background scene. This was cut on regular cardstock, 50 lb paper. The two short sides are glued down and so is the bottom edge. This will form a pocket and allow for an insert. The insert is for writing a greeting.20161214_140850

4. The red back piece is stuck first then the windows.The windows in the updated version will be held close with a christmas bell, for this version it did not cut as expected. The bookbinding pieces go next. For the next time, I will attach the panels to the bookbinding and then stick to card. Live and learn!


5. Starting with the 3rd panel, the one with the smallest opening that has the stockings and fireplace, attache the edge to the closest “mountain ” tab. Next attach the 2nd panel with the couple on the sofa and last is the panel with the Christmas tree and gifts.


6. Attach to the other side in the same order. This is where it would have been very easy if I had not attached the bindings to the back of the card in step 4! Insert the roof with santa stuck in chimney  into our little red pocket.



7. All done! Cute right? As you notice, my windows have a cutout ….that is about to be changed so look out for the updated file. I am also going to fit this so that it lays flat and can be put in an envelope.


8. This is the insert you can write your greeting:


I will post the complete file soon, and it will be for personal use. If you would like me to cut and assemble a finished card for you, and you live in South Ontario, I will be happy to get one to you for a small cost.




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