Santa Spinner Card

I love things that move, that is why I love paper engineering! (Rob Ives is my favorite)

So one of the things I like are spinner cards. I saw this cute Santa one and I have done my version of it in Silhouette. I am also doing a few illustrator tutorials so I can come back here and deliver the files in vector format.

I have 2 versions of the card

Here are the following parts

  1. The card base
  2. Two different spinner bases one is print and cut  the other is plain so I may add a pattern in the final version.
  3. Two different santas both are print and cut
  4. Words HO HO HO which is print and cut

The spinner base is attached with double sided spacers and the santa spins using 2 pennies.


I am going to put the file up today but will put step by step up later on how to put this card together.

Santa Spinner Card Studio3

Santa Spinner Card GSP

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