Brag Book 101: Page 5

Page 5 is back to simplicity. I am using insert set 4 and one of the accordion layouts from my Etsy store.

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Brag Book 101: Page 4

Halloween has come and gone and I am still working on this brag book. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because it takes a long time to finish, its because I have soooo many distractions. It has all worked out for the best because I was going to sell this brag book to one of my friends and […]

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Brag Book 101: Page 3

For this page, I wanted to get creative but I am not sure this is the way to go…let me explain why: Paper. Yes. Paper… It takes way too much paper to mat all the pages and inserts. I am thinking I will not have enough to finish my 6 pages! My page theme for page 3 is Witches, […]

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Brag Book 101: Page 2

No, it did not take this long to make page two! Since my last post, I have been busy with a few service projects and events so my blog suffered  Well, here I am and page two is ready. In the first  page I used zombie hands, gates, tombstone tags and a skeleton. This page is […]

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Brag Book 101: building a page

I really wanted to start building my pages, it was so exciting to see the beautiful projects on YouTube! Well, I needed to decide what my base page would look like. I decided to go with the “sleeve” page…this is made to two pieces of paper glued on the short ends and the long open ends […]

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Working On the cover

Step One: make your cover. I first needed to buy medium density chipboard but was not willing to make a trip to Micheals and went looking to see what I could substitute. I found stacks of very thick photo mats and cut it down to size with my Exacto knife. So far so good. As […]

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A Brag book from scratch.

At last, I have started the process of creating a brag book from scratch. I must admit that this has been a prolonged process because of how I do things: I need to look at as many examples as possible, collect the ideas and then sort through and choose my favorites. A bit of procrastinating is involved and […]

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