Brag Book 101: Page 5

Getting to those last few pages and I am wondering if I will need to redo the spine and make it larger. In my research, a number of crafters recommended building the cover and spine last as sometimes the pages take on a life of their own. I totally understand this now as my pages have expanded in scope and bulk.

The recently completed page 4 is one of the bulkier pages and as a possible solution, I was going to attach it to on inside cover and I replace the page with a multi-pocket insert. That idea lasted until I found the floating hinge solution from Anne’s paper creations, the technique was in video 12

I tried it and the pages open and lie flat!

Still, I am limiting the size of these last 2 pages

Page 5 is back to simplicity. I am using insert set 4 and one of the accordion layouts from my Etsy store.

Here are some photos: I am waiting for my magnets to arrive and the mats are attached with paperclips at the moment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Next step is to cut all my Halloween images. In my pages 1 to 4,  I weld the images on to the pieces such as pockets and flaps.

Pages six is up next and then I will show you the entire flip through of the album.


On behalf of not so clever people


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