Brag Book 101: Pages…what type and how do you build a page?

Pages and Pages and Pages! Only six pages but I have so many ideas, I don’t think all the ideas will fit in this book. I do want to try the following for the pages

  1. Waterfall page layout
  2. Tag pullouts from the top and side
  3. Pockets slits
  4. Pages that open and open and open in many different ways
  5. Accordion pages
  6. Surprises: still thinking about these

When looking at how pages are attached there are 3 that caught my attention

First. there is the single page that sticks onto the fin of the binding. Here is an example (video showing this starts at 21.6 minutes )

Second, there is the page that attached directly onto the spine.Here is an example (video shows this at 3.50 to 10 minutes in)

Third, is a double page that slides over the fin of the binding: picture an envelope with the top and bottom of the long side cut off the open end of one side goes over the fin of the binding. Here is an example of a mini album made with this method.

I have not yet decided 100% what my pages will look like.

I would love to hear from you if you tried various types of pages and what your favorite method for building a page is.


On Behalf of Not So Clever People.



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