Working On the cover

Step One: make your cover. I first needed to buy medium density chipboard but was not willing to make a trip to Micheals and went looking to see what I could substitute. I found stacks of very thick photo mats and cut it down to size with my Exacto knife. So far so good.

As I make each piece of this brag book, I am creating the digital templates AKA the Digital SVG cutting files and PDF files so that the next book will be a breeze.

Now the decision was to lay the pieces out on one sheet of paper and wrap front, back, and spine together or wrap separately.

1, Here is an example of a cover wrapped in one sheet of paper (video at about 32 minutes in)

2, Here is an example of the pieces wrapped separately and joined.

I am going to use method # 2 for a few reasons, but the main reason is that I want to make bigger albums and to find paper large enough to do a one-sheet wrap is not easy.

Here are my covers and spine cut from matting material:

Brag Book Cover and spine

Here are the covers for and the binding as well as 6 pages


Here are the front and back covered and the spine will be attached next.


Everything is covered up and this is the finished cover and spineIMG_20170930_205446.jpg

Next post: the page binding: found out some interesting information,

Carolyn No Behalf of Not So Clever People



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