Make your own Mini Album in Silhouette Design Space (part 1)

In my last post, I had a quick and easy project from  MY LIFE ALBUM SET by Carina Gardner Design ID #49425. This post I would like to demonstrate how easy it is to make a file similar to Carina’s .

For the sake of comparison, I will copy as closely as possible the design of the My Life Album Set but it won’t be identical and you can use the steps below to make any size album.

First, let us look at what this album looks like:
MY LIFE ALBUM SET by Carina Gardner Design ID #49425
4-page mini album to make in under 30 minutes

I will go step by step for creating page 4 and page 2 in this post and the page 1 and 3 in the next post with bonus pages also. If this is too easy for you then making the pockets in my next post may be worth waiting for.

I started with the last page, the one with the long light blue page rounded end on the right end.

In your silhouette space select the draw tool:

I am using the latest version of designer edition but the steps should be the same for you

Silhouette design space
This is my version of Silhouette Design Space but the instructions should be good for all versions
Screenshot 2017-08-13 20.33.53
Select the drawing tool and choose rectangle


Now draw any size rectangle, it does not matter what size because we will change it.

Now select the rectangle you just drew and adjust the size to W of 11 and inches H of  5 inches. Save this as you will need it for all the other pages.

Screenshot 2017-08-13 20.41.03.png


To round the edges I use the draw an arc tool.

Screenshot 2017-08-13 20.42.28.png

Draw any size arc, and move it to the rectangle you drew. Make it smaller till you are happy with the look.

Screenshot 2017-08-13 20.42.53.png

Screenshot 2017-08-13 20.43.42.png








Now mirror it using the replicate tool and move to the bottom right corner

Screenshot 2017-08-13 20.46.29

Screenshot 2017-08-13 20.46.41.pngScreenshot 2017-08-13 20.46.59.png

Note, if you zoom to the arc you will notice it needs adjusting to line up properly so do that to both top right and bottom right.

Screenshot 2017-08-13 20.47.16.png

once both are adjusted, group the two arcs, and the rectangle together.

Next, the hole punches:

I decided to use only 3 holes. To draw a circle you need the ellipse tool …Select and hold down the shift key to draw a circle. or use the height and width to give a measurement you like…I used .494 for both H and W. I spaced mine with the circle center at 1 inch from the top and from the bottom and the middle circle, 1.5 inches from the first circle.

Screenshot 2017-08-13 20.58.25.pngScreenshot 2017-08-13 21.04.20.png


I like to group these 3 circles together and then copy and paste and keep it on the side to use for the other pages. Grouping the circles make it easy to move around and align later on. Once I have a copy of the circles, I will position the circles to where I like them, then group the 3 circle holes to the rectangle and we are done with the long last page.

Now for the second page in the book…the polka dotted paper with the fancy edge.  My page is a little different from the MY LIFE ALBUM, you can choose the edge you like and the steps should be the same or similar.

  1. First, select the page W 11 H5 that you saved and copy (skip steps 2-5)
  2. If you did not make a copy, then copy the page 4 you just made and follow steps 3-12
  3. Move the copy to your mat.
  4. Next, ungroup everything.
  5. Delete arcs from top right and bottom right.
  6. resize the rectangle to be 8 inches W . Keep the height at 5 inches
  7. use the text tool and choose a curvy shape. I chose “}” then made it bigger to fit the right edge of my rectangle.Screenshot 2017-08-13 21.23.05.png
  8. I could merge now but I would end up with a small space right where the crosshairs are, so I used the eraser tool to get rid of the inner curve                          Screenshot 2017-08-13 21.27.23.png
  9. Next, line it up with the rectangle and select both shapes. Use make compound path. This allows for the “}” to have a straight side on the left that will close the shape and allow it to be welded with the rectangle into one shape
  10. Screenshot 2017-08-13 21.29.45

    Screenshot 2017-08-13 21.29.59.png
    double click the shape to get edit points
  11. Merge shapes. line up hole punches and you are done
  12. Note this post was edited
    The length of this shape has been increased to 8.5 when complete.

Screenshot 2017-08-13 21.46.54.png

Check Part 2 of this post for page 1 and 3


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