Craft Idea For A Service project

We have been doing service projects in our neighbourhood and I was looking for a cute craft idea that we could then use in a service project. So, I found one, and for my monthly devotional this is what we did after we all said a few prayers:


Note I had to prepare a little:

  1. Buy socks: I warn you now that mens socks are dull, dull, dull and really not great for this project. hence point #2
  2. Buy some washcloths that have a bit of colour for all the men socks . If you are going to do this project for only females or only use cute socks regardless of who gets them, then ignore.
  3. Get my cupcake template at the bottom of the blog post
  4. Make, buy cute tags or get the entire project on my Etsy store for $0.99
  5. Grab some cellophane bags from the dollar store and some string. Optional : buy some lollipop or use a cupcake topper.

Now the fun part:

  1. Cut out cupcake wrapper and base and glue together
  2. lay sock flat and rollup along the entire length into a fat sausage roll
  3. insert into cupcake container
  4. Top with  cupcake topper like a lollipop
  5. Insert into cellophane bag
  6. Attach tag.


We also printed a label with “made with love” and stuck on it, but you don’t need to.

These will be given to a home for the elderly/ long term care. I heard that they are always cold and always misplacing their socks. Just as easily this could be given to a homeless shelter, sick kids ward etc.

Did I mention these are super cute socks that look like cupcakes?

On Behalf Of Not So Clever People


Free Cut file for Cupcake wrapper


15 thoughts on “Craft Idea For A Service project

  1. Love the ease of the project! Yes, we have done Christmas Gifts for elderly & they always request socks. They get lost while they’re laundered also. I think sending this to male or female troops would be fun! Female soldiers often get forgotten about. 😦 Take care & thanks for your views/comments on the blog! Jen Platinumpeacock Team!

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