Love Is In The Air

June and July , the months I associate with getting married. Not that I got married in any of these months, my anniversary is April 2nd. We almost chose April 1st but for reasons unknown to me somehow the 2nd was confirmed. Kidding! Who want April Fools Day as their anniversary unless there is absolutely no choice?

Well back to the months were most people are smart enough to choose for the nice weather etc. If you are looking for the unique card for someone getting married, here is my free shadow box card. I started designing it months ago , put it away and brought it back out again, then proceeded to completely change the images.

The main reason was that I was trying to cut lots of detail and I was getting frustrated with how it cut. This card is simple, with images I associate with marriage. This is a work in progress so I am sharing my file in studio3 format and will continue to adjust and post the link. Hope you like it.

Here are the individual pieces, I cut everything in white.

Screenshot 2017-07-07 15.42.00.png

Here is the link to the Studio 3 file. If you cut this out ungroup and move the number off the piece so it does not cut. I will merge shapes myself with the frame but you can move all the shapes and cut or merge in different places if you like.


On behalf of Not So Clever People (NSCP)


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