#WonderWomanCameo contest and #RobIves

Two of my favorite ! Silhouette Cameo is amazing and I love to download and make items from The Silhouette Design Store and I also enjoy making my own files. Long before Silhouette Cameo,  I made projects from Rob Ives Paper engineering website. I love paper that moves: gears, pop up, Kirigami… give me a 3D paper project and I am happy.

Well here are my two favorite things  in one as a entry for the #WonderWoman Cameo contest…I am now at the stage where this is just for fun, and if you head over to the Instagram page for Silhouette you will see why…amazing entries!

Back to my combination of Silhouette and Rob Ives: I took Rob Ives RatMech see the tutorial and you can download from this site as well,  and substituted the key  ( this link show the movement).

With WONDER WOMAN STANDING by DC Super Friends Design ID #83219 and decorated with stars and WONDER WOMAN LOGO by DC Wonder Woman™ Design ID #77518

The Wonder Woman was what I had printed and cut for my stickers, one was the mirror image and I stuck to cardstock to give a standing two sided figure,

This is what the mechanism inside looks like but head over to Rob Ives for a better look.

Rob Ives and Silhouette Cameo
Rob Ives Ratchet mech and Wonder woman… the perfect pair


Here is a video of  mySilhouette file  Wonder woman with Rob Ives  movement:


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