Party Decoration:FERRIS WHEEL by Daniela Moscone Design ID #133214

My Carousel box  from my last post turned out very nice, if I must say so myself! I will use it to hold cookies for a baby shower game “guess the weight”. I also saw this box simplified and used as a cake topper…I think I will do that also.

Here are the photos from last time with the photo from Pinterest of the modified carousel, I will be doing mine in blues and white since the parents know its a boy.:

20170425_163817Screenshot 2017-04-28 11.05.19.png

Now back to my ferris wheel that I will use for chocolates, bite size snack or something like that.

Here is what it looks like from The Silhouette Design Store

Screenshot 2017-04-28 10.56.27.png

This is my finished Ferris wheel:

SO first comment about this project, it took quite a few sheets of paper because the cutting of the project ran into issues and score lines were fully cut lines, hence destroying the project.  This has happened in the past for only some files with the Beta software I am using in Silhouette, I need to ungroup them fully,  and with other files it is fine.  This Ferris wheel is not my favorite  since I am making it as a practice mock up for the party, and I am not fond of the patterned paper.

As some of you may remember when I wrote about the motorcycle as one of my gift card holder a few posts ago, this designer, Daniela Moscone,  had no blog instruction so I winged it. STILL, I love the designs and the Artist and continue to buy her files, so go figure.

Here is what the file looked like when opened. The red lined figures are to cut, the blue is a diagram to show how the pieces are placed. I had to cut my pieces twice as the score line show  as cut lines… even when I ungrouped, I had to change manually…not sure why.

Screenshot 2017-04-25 14.27.17.png

Project Summary:

FERRIS WHEEL by Daniela Moscone Design ID #133214.

Project got an overall score of   37 out of 48. The total time was about 1.5 hours

Most importantly, the question is, would I make this again? Yes I am planning to do so with plain paper.

Is this project versatile?  No

Materials used

2  different colour cardstock:  Dowels, pearl beads,Glue, Silhouette CAMEO®

The pieces were large and I had to do a lot of shifting to be as economical as possible with my paper. This took up a large chunk of my time.

To cut all the pieces , and to fold the score lines took about 40 minutes,  another 20 minutes to glue. Give yourself an 1.5 hours to complete  for the first time.

There were no tutorial links on The Silhouette Design Store or on the designers website  for this Ferris Wheel. I followed the photo and it turned out just fine.This is what I did

  1. Following the photo, I glued the 2 large semi-circles together to form 2 large circles.
  2. Next I glued the 2 small circles to each of the 2 larger circles formed in step 1.
  3. folded  and glued all the ” Cars”
  4. There are 2 types of triangles, one with tabs, and one without. Fold the tabs of the triangle pieces with tabs ,and then glue the triangle without tabs to hold it all together
  5. Assemble the base and glue the triangle pieces to the shorter side.
  6. Insert dowel to hold two large circles. Add gems pieces to the ends of dowel so that the dowel does not move around.
  7. Repete for each car of the ferris wheel.
  8. Finished

This  project cannot be done by younger kids without some  guidance. This file was $1.99 from   The Silhouette Design Store.  Other PROJECT TYPE range from Free to  $6.99 so this project was good price

When I looked for ferris wheel on the web, I Googled Paper Ferris Wheel template/svg and found

Other places for Ferris Wheel

BUY: Etsy


Not SO Clever People on Pinterest  where I have  free and paid Ferris wheels



Step by step Review: based on the 8 points that seem to capture what a crafter would want to know.

  1.  Price of downloading the file
  • Free to $.99
  • $.99 to $2.99
  • $2.99 to $4.99
  • $4.99 to $6. 99
  • $6.99 to $8.99
  • $8.99  0r more

This file was $1.99  a score of 5 out of 6   

  1. Open file
  • Layout when opened was super simple and I knew what to do
  • Looked at layout and was confused so visited blog, video, website
  • Looked at file, had no idea what I was seeing, and/or no information to be found to help!

Looked at file, had no idea what I was seeing, no information to be found to help. Well not really accurate, but there was no step by step instructions .  This got a 2 out of 6 for open file category.

  1. Cutting the file
  • Had no difficulties cutting this file
  • Had some difficulties cutting this file
  • Had tons of headache cutting this file

Had some  difficulties cutting this file as all lines were cut lines and no fold lines showed up. “cutting the file” step  gets a 4 out of 6. (Not sure if it is the designer or the Silhouette beta software fault)

  1. Easy to construct?
  • so easy a young kid can do this
  • medium difficulty if you and not too crafty you can still achieve a good result
  • Hard: you need to really know what you are doing and have been crafting most of your life.

Medium difficulty if you and not too crafty you can still achieve a good result: No instruction except for the diagram in file. BUT no tutorial so lost points …  I give this a easy  rating of 5 out of 6. 

  1. Needed extra items
  • I had to add extra items to finish this project for example string, grommets, rhinestones  etc.
  • I could add if I wanted to.
  • did not have to add anything other than the paper

“I had to add extra items to finish this project for example string, grommets” : in this case gems and wooden dowels  this gets  a  5 out of 6

  1. Finished product
  • looked exactly like the photo online
  • sort of looked the same
  • No Way did this turn out the same.

looked a little different: The paper and gems make it different so I would still give it:  looked exactly like the photo online and This gets a 6 out of 6

  1. Recommend the file/ designer
  • I would recommend this file and designer to anyone
  • I would not recommend the file or designer to anyone
  • I would recommend the file
  • I would recommend the designer

I will recommend this file and designer but they would have to be experienced digital file users with cutting experience on Silhouette to not panic. so i will lower the score because of the experience needed This gets   a 4 out of 6.

  1. The overall cost for the project was
  • Under $5.00
  • Under $10
  • Over $10

I give “the overall cost for the project” a  6 out of 6  since it was under $5.00 to complete this project:

  • 2 sheet of 12 in x 12 in   blue flowered Cardstock paper
  • 3  sheet 8.5 in. x 11 in.  blue cardstock
  • Wooden dowels
  • Gems.
  • Glue
  • My Silhouette CAMEO® machine.

My over all score for this project is  37 out of 48.


On behalf of Not So Clever People


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