Wiper Card and KOKESHI CARDS by Valerie Foster Design ID #7183

Egads! What is a wiper card and WHAT on earth is a Kokeshi card?

Well, you are in for a pleasant surprise. I was pinning stuff on Pinterest and came across wiper cards tutorial on Youtube.  I was intrigued..I love any paper projects that has movement in it and this one did. Basic explanation is when you pull on the sides of the card, there is a popup. Take a look at the video for a way better feel of how neat this project is.

I looked at the video, made notes and created a digital file so that I can share this with you all. I did find the measurement (slightly different from the video) written out and pinned it to my board, so go take a look if you want to make this but need to cut it all out by hand.

So that takes care of the wiper card part…The Kokeshi card are cute Japanese doll cards I got on The Silhouette Design Store and used parts of it in this project.

Here is a look at the pieces you will need.

Screenshot 2017-04-17 14.37.31.png

I cut mine out of  plain blue cardstock. This is the two large “pink” pieces folded along score lines.


Using the measurement given, I cut out the front white matting and decorative pieces and the side panel mat and decorative piece (image on left) . I then decided to use my own measurements ( on right) . You can decorate the front with any measurement of patterned paper you like, there is no one correct way.

Once the front was decorated, I glued the moving arm piece of the project to the front of the blue piece. My file as a small score line to help line this up. Note in my photo on the left, I ended up not using the score line as my card was upside down…next time! The photo on the right is the view from the front. The white square will be decorated with the Kokeshi dolls.


Once it is lined up and glued down, attach the back piece so that the “Z” shaped folds are on opposite ends. Decorate with your choice of images. I will use my card as a “hello” card with the Japanese translation on the back “Konnichiwa”


Screenshot 2017-04-17 15.01.03.png

Pulling the sides allow for the two dolls to disappear inside and pop up again. As I mentioned, I used the dolls from  KOKESHI CARDS by Valerie Foster Design ID #7183 . This design is for 3 cards so head on over to The Silhouetted Design Store and grab the adorable dolls or any one of thousands of other images that can be used.

Here is the free cut file in Studio 3 format

Here it is in SVG


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