Making your own Silhouette Design files: A Tutorial and a Free file

I live in the Silhouette Design Store, not just because I have a subscription that allows me to purchase file at a discounted rate, but I also use the design store for inspiration.

Just a few weeks ago, I was looking for a princess carriage and found the cutest one for $.99 … almost purchased it but then thought, Hey! I can easily make my own. Here are the steps in Silhouette Design Space  and although I did not have all the same shapes as the one on the Silhouette Design Store, what I did have was close enough for me. Who knows, I may even purchase the original file to cut and see how it looks compared to mine .

Here is the original file PRINCESS CARRIAGE by Alaa’ K Design ID #9414


Screenshot 2017-03-26 15.24.18.png

Here is my finished Princess Carriage. Note, I did not use the trace feature but did each element myself. Very close right? AND STILL CUTE!

Screenshot 2017-03-26 15.34.21.png

Here is what I did

  1. Open Silhouette design Space (other software should be very similar), choose “A” icon to start writing and type in the letter “o” enlarge so that it is easy to see, I use  a size of 364
  2. Now keep the letter highlighted as you scroll down the different font types till you find a font that looks like the body of the carriage. I used one called “Baskerville” and filled it in black colour.Screenshot 2017-03-26 15.41.55Screenshot 2017-03-26 15.42.43
  3. The scrolls are letter “s”, and again, I went through the different fonts ’till I found one I liked. I chose “Curly MT” copied it a few times and rotated, MIRRORED  and resized to fit the various places to form the carriage. Here are a couple other that would work well, all you need is an “s” with the ends curled in.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 15.52.40

4. Once you get all the sizes and rotations the way you like, arrange on the “body ” of the Carriage aka the letter “O” . Next it is the wheel. To make the wheel draw a circle of any size…we will resize to fit the carriage. Then draw a thin rectangle for a spoke. Next choose replicate image of rectangle and rotate copy …. I chose the one with most rotations.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.04.15

5. You get a circle and spokes and then you merge all the spokes together.


Screenshot 2017-03-26 20.59.10Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.00.21Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.00.34

6. I then filled in the spokes in Black. Next is the rim of the wheel. Choose the circle and open the offset window. I gave an offset of .075. Then select both circles and open modify, Select join/split row and the select image on the far right . Once this is complete, move the shape, you will have a circle you can delete and a “rim. I sized it a little smaller to overlap the spokes and merged both shapes. OR you can fill in the rim in black and group the 2 shapes

Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.10.02Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.10.33 Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.14.20

7. The embellishment on the carriage on the top and bottom was playing with the “s” shape, sizing and erasing parts till I was happy. Could not quite duplicate it and that’s ok. Merge the shapes with the main carriage body.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.19.01

8. Next I grouped everything that was not merged and chose offset .125. Move carriage out of the way and erase all the little unwanted pieces. You are almost finished. Now select the outline and choose make compound path.

9. The lines will turn red and any big red dots, click on the till they go away. The outline can now be filled with colour, pink or leave white or any combination you like. hearts , crowns or other symbols can be added.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.38.32Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.39.37Screenshot 2017-03-26 21.39.11


Here is my original carriage in a  free studio 3 file


Hope you enjoy


On behalf of Not So Clever People


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