Handbags Galore!

Paperpuff does inspire me, I can’t lie. First it was the teabag holder that was so cute and then the little giftbag and card

So, I blame Paperpuff and not Doris Day or Julia Roberts for my post today!

Lets back up a little, when Paperpuff posted the cute giftbag, I thought WOW got to make one so I did what I always do…looked on Pinterest. I found so many gift bag templates and boxes but what caught my eye was an adorable handbag.

I made this tiny handbag and put tiny cookies in it and gave to a whole bunch or friends…40 to be exact!

They loved it : its the one with the white scalloped detail straight from the horses mouth!


Then I messaged Paperpuff and asked if she would like the cut files for all her followers. I have made many of the PDF and PNG into cut files but some I just left as they were in my treasure box that I have for you today.

I hope you enjoy making them as much as I enjoyed making them and taking the photos.

Treasure box full of goodies

There are PNG, PDF, Studio3 and SVG files in the folder for handbags, gift bags cake boxes I think they can all be resized .

I also pinned lots of these on Pinterest if you want to look there.


For Not So Clever People


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