A free file for Paperpuff blogs I follow

I love this little tea bag pouch and I was determined to make it for my friend. Then I was thinking why not have it as a free file for everyone who liked it on Paperpuffs site?

All the directions to make it are on the site, I am just going to give you the free files in studio3 format,SVG and PDF format. This will give you the basic shape and you can add your own embellishments to the front. My embellishment was made with images from DesignBundles.net

My finished teabag holder is here:

Paperpuff’s Teabag holder Studio3

Paperpuff’s Teabag holder SVG

Paperpuff’s Teabag holder PDF

Embellishment Studio3


Thank you Paperpuff for posting this project


On Behalf of Not So Clever People (NSCP)


12 thoughts on “A free file for Paperpuff blogs I follow

      1. I had fun making the teabag holder. I have a cute handbag file (did not make myself) for your Doris day post but did not want to “overstay” my welcome on your blog. If you want I will send you the link to these really cute bags to share with your followers.

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      2. Lol, you wouldn’t be outstanding your welcome at all!! I genuinely loved that you created those files. I think you should do the post, if you want to? It is your skill and knowledge, not mine! I just love the fact that we get to share. You are welcome here any time! Xx

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  1. Reblogged this on PaperPuff and commented:
    Don’t you love it when something nice happens unexpectedly? A fellow blogger has made cutting files for the tea bag holder I posted. They ARE clever people!!

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