A free file at last

I have been so busy looking at files to review that I have not posted any free files for a while. This file is for a card that when opened is a 3D flower. The flower looks like a lotus flower and I have made this for so many different occasions,  from Valentines day and Mothers Day to Thank you and Thinking of You cards.

The original file is a PDF and you can download it from this site.

I have taken the PDF and made a cut file for anyone who uses a cutting machine like The Silhouette CAMEO® or Cricut Explore® .

The card is very easy to put together:

  1. If using the PDF, print and cutout by hand. Try to not get the printed lines. If cutting with a machine, my files are layering on top of each other so move apart and layout according to your choice of color.
    1. there is the Staman recommended color green or yellow
    2. The two set of petals cut in the same color
    3. the base card cut out of 8.3 in. x 11 in. cardstock
    4. The cover 8.5 in. x 11 in. cardstock folded in half
  2. Start with the inner most piece (the Staman). Slide them together, they are slotted to fit each other, put the tabs through the base slits that are closest to the dotted line and are at a slight angle, and glue the tabs in place.
  3. Next take the smallest of the two set of petals and slide the tabs into the next closest set of slits on the base, these are the smaller of the two parallel slits. once you glue these then attache the side tab to make the petals form a circle.
  4. Repeat for the larger set of petals.
  5. You can glue another 8.5 in. by 11 in cardstock to cover the glue tabs on the back

Once the card pieces are cut, it takes less than 5 minuets to put it all together so don’t let the lovely look of it fool you into thinking its complicated.

This is my finished card. the front has the embellishment for a sentiment or title of your card. in the SVG file it looks like it is cut off but once you open it all the pieces are there.

Here are the files  in

Lotus Flower Popup STUDIO3 format

Lotus Flower Popup SVG format

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On behalf of Not So Clever People


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