My Biggest Problem:Deciding which craft to do next: BOOK OF SPELLS 3D GIFT CARD BOX by Snapdragon Snippets Design ID #68133

It seems that my biggest problem is deciding which of the 600 odd files in my library I actually want to test out. The decision was made for me today when I realized that I needed a little something extra for a birthday gift and the person is a HUGE Harry Potter fan.

 BOOK OF SPELLS 3D GIFT CARD BOX by Snapdragon Snippets Design ID #68133 was chosen since it looks like it could be from Harry Potter.


Review : based on the 8 points that seem to capture what a crafter would want to know.

1.  Price of downloading the file

  • Free to $.99
  • $.99 to $2.99
  • $2.99 to $4.99
  • $4.99 to $6. 99
  • $6.99 to $8.99
  • $8.99  0r more

This file is $.99 to download A lot of  the gift card 3d books were $1.99 there were some for $.99 so I would say this is a pretty good price.

So I would give the “price of downloading the file ” a grade  of 6 (from 1 to 6) 

2. Open file

  • Layout when opened was super simple and I knew what to do
  • Looked at layout and was confused so visited blog, video, website
  • Looked at file, had no idea what I was seeing, no information to be found to help!

Layout when opened could look complicated if you are a newbie to crafting. Looking at the Photo of the completed project helps a little. Lucky for us, there is a step by step walkthrough of assembling the project. It was still a little bit of a challenge for me but I took my time and it went well.

I would give the “open file” step a grade of 4 out of 6



3. Cutting the file

  • Had no difficulties cutting this file
  • Had some difficulties cutting this file
  • Had tons of headache cutting this file

I  “ungrouped”  the file for cutting, but it needed to be “ungrouped” twice. On the upside, all the perforated lines stayed connected to the shapes and I could move the individual shapes around on the screen for cutting.

TIP:  I find it really helps  to colour the files the same as the paper I am using . I also laid it ball out exactly like the file in Silhouette to help keep me organized.

I did need to change paper for the different pieces so and used a total of 4 different colours. It took time to cut all the different pieces, and I cut the embellishments twice as suggested by the designer.

I would give “cutting the file” step  a 3 out of 6


4. Easy to construct?

  • so easy a young kid can do this
  • medium difficulty if you and not too crafty you can still achieve a good result
  • Hard: you need to really know what you are doing and have been crafting most of your life.

This is  a medium difficulty and even if you are not too crafty you can still achieve great results.It does take a time to put this book together. Keep a close eye on the small cut out letters as I lost mine a few times.

I would rate the “easy to construct” step  as a 3 out of 6.


5. Needed extra items

  • I had to add extra items to finish this project for example string, grommets, rhinestones  etc.
  • I could add if I wanted to.
  • did not have to add anything other than the paper

Had to use paper and glue a wire ring to hold the “key” and then I realized the “lock” had no way to stay closed so I used a small brass fastener.

I rate this step “needed extra items”  a  5 out of 6

6. Finished product

  • looked exactly like the photo online
  • sort of looked the same
  • No Way did this turn out the same.

Although my paper was different from what was used, the book looks amazing, I love it and so did the recipient who as I mentioned is a HUGE Harry Potter Fan. She said that it was the best gift for her Birthday!

I give “Finished product” a 6 out of 6

7. Recommend the file/ designer

  • I would recommend this file and designer to anyone
  • I would not recommend the file or designer to anyone
  • I would recommend the file
  • I would recommend the designer

I would recommend this file and designer  to  someone who is good at following written instructions and not afraid of a slight challenge.

I give this “Recommend the file/designer” step  a  6 out of 6.

8. The overall cost for the project was

  • Under $5.00
  • Under $10
  • Over $10

I give “the overall cost for the project” a  6 a out of 6  

as  it was under $5.00 to complete this project:

  • 4 sheets of 8.5 in x 11 in (21.5 cm x 27.9 cm)  different shades of brown and beige  Cardstock paper I had at home and at  $5.00 a pack for 50 that is just 10 cents a sheet.
  • Glue
  • $.99 to download from The Silhouette Design Store
  • My Silhouette CAMEO® machine.

My over all score for this project is 39 out of 48.

I am going to make one of these for myself. I loved how this little box looked, and fit together with one section fitting into the other perfectly when closed. I looked at other books and “spell” books, none fit together as well and were a little ordinary.The design was very well thought out and having 2 layers of the embellishments made the book look authentic. The second time I make something it always goes so much faster, so who knows, I may end up making  an entire library for myself.


On behalf of Not So Clever People


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