Bullet Journal Journey to Date

When last I wrote, I was trying out all the Pinterest Bullet Journal ideas that I developed for my Etsy store. As I mentioned in my last post, I love the stencils as it makes my life so much easier and I don’t have to print and cut the shape so I am saving on all the ink and paper.


The post from last month ( seen above) is just one of about 10 stencils that was included in my “Start your Bullet Journal for 2017”

I am still using the circle for the week view but not the boxes that are part of the file. I like the free format that the circle allows me and I get the same information recorded here as on individual pages for each day. The tracking of water I can do on my habit tracker that I have at the beginning of the month or if it is important, I will print only that box for each page.


I have Monday to Sunday headings and thought I would assign each day its own page, but only really needed half a page on each… Here is what my Monday and Tuesday files printed out looks like.

Wednesday I used the daily A5 spread. Printed it on regular paper to test it out as  opposed to cardstock or sticker paper.

It holds quite a bit of information  (for those really busy people!) but not what I need right now. This view would be great when I was scheduling 10 meetings a day. Who can tell, I may need this in the future as I get really busy and need to keep on track and focused from early morning.


Don’t judge the water and exercise section that just never got filled!

I also remembered to keep my Index up to date. YEAH.



Next week I am going to see what else from all the files i developed that I like to use and let you know if Pinterest is a pass or fail. I did finish the Valentine stickers and a spinner card for Valentines day. There is a lovely free files from Silhouette that I used to make tags with so head over to the Silhouette design store.



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