Bullet Journal continued: Easy weekly spread

Love Pinterest and all the ideas to be found! That is how I got the idea for all the different layouts for my bullet journal files.

In past posts, there was a future view using yearly birthday and anniversary trackers as well as the month at a glance view. All of these are circular in format, and I really like using this “mind mapping” technique.

I did use the weekly circle but did not like the combination with the note section seen below. I think this weekly circle would be great on its own page, and then either a weekly spread or daily pages.

The opposite pages with the rectangle sticker is not a method I like so far to capture what I am doing.


Today I want to highlight what the weekly spread with space for daily notes looks like. As you notice from the layout below, these are drawn in ! YEAH! I cut out the stencil  using 100LB card stock . In one box (Sunday 8th) I used the slightly smaller cut out to see if I wanted the frame effect and I did not so only one box got that.


I have included many stencils in the package for $9.99 on my Etsy store including yearly view, monthly view, monthly tabs, weekly view extras like time trackers and quote boxes and more (svg, png, pdf, dxf formats) This is what the  weekly spread stencil looks like:


I have not used the banner cutouts in the stencil yet and need to get colour pens so that my pages start to look a little artistic!

The other option is to print out the weekly  or daily spread that you want to use on card stock or sticker paper and stick it on:

I did get to modify the monthly tab with a filled in pattern and put this at the start of the month. The monthly tabs are all white background in my file are are easily modified with personal colour preference as are all the files. I figure people are so creative and do a great job decorating the way they like not stuck to my idea of what the page should look like. If anyone wants me to colour it in for them, I would be happy to!


This is the rest of the sticker sheet that my January Tab came from and I will use it for my daily pages next week to see if a full page is needed in my journal for each day.


Its been a while since I had a free file posted so here is one I call Kiss Filled hearts as an early start to Valentines Day. Going to use these in my planner soon!

Kiss Filled Studio3

Kiss filled GSP

Will be posting on my progress on how to make a shadowbox card for weddings and Valentines day soon .


Not so Clever people

As always, we are happy to provide our designs for your personal use. If you would like to share, please share the link to this post. If you use our free files, post to our face book page.


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