Journal 101 for 2017

So excited to be using my Journal . I designed many files for different layouts and I am starting to use them now to see what I might change. When last I wrote, I had my journal with the Key, Index and Birthday pages set.

To complete the section, looking ahead 2017, I added the Anniversary and special event page. I really wish I had developed a gift idea page to track ideas for all the event, I am thinking a fold out page….. so next time!

For the Month of January the circle gives us a future view of what appointments etc. we already have. This will be added to as time goes on. I have noticed that I am not using lots of color , I am not very artistic so my journal is not as pretty as some other peoples may turn out. I hope that if anyone buys my files, they can share how they beautified their pages!

Next I have the habit tracker and I also included the books I am reading on this page. I made a template of my key  ( seen on the page above the habit tracker) but it is too small so will cut out a larger version to use. Next month I may have the habit tracker fill the entire page.


The next page is “What I have been up to this month. I see this as being updated as the month goes on, so it is a record I can look back at.



Page 6 is “what’s on my mind.” Again it has only been two days in 2017 and I am finding quite a bit to put here so I suspect that this will be a great page to look back at to see what was going on in my life!



Page 7 is a bit of reflection and gratitude: I have recorded the basic that we all are grateful for, and then I added a tiny sticker “things that make me laugh” I really like this sticker and it may take a more prominent spot on future pages as it reminds me of all the stuff I love.

To end the monthly page there is a “Currently” sticker that tracks what I am inspired by, reading, watching, thinking, listening to, dream life, eating, drinking. I am not liking this label so might change it on the Etsy store also.


Page 9 starts the weekly view. So far I like the carry through of the circle, this format really works well for handling information. The note section is good but next week I will be more specific in each frame: notes, todo, follow up section etc.


I have not started writing in the daily pages but have a few versions developed and will post how they are working next time.

Here are what the blank pages and extras for the  daily page look like:

Will start experimenting with the time stamps.

These have all been inspired by post on Pinterest and made into digital files that are fully resizable, customizable for fonts and colors etc, available now on Etsy.

For all the digital files in SVG, DXF, PNG, PDF format for year layout, monthly pages, and week pages as well as habit tracker, quote boxes, book reading tracker and more, visit my Etsy store.

Thanks for Reading.

Carolyn ,

“not so clever people”


2 thoughts on “Journal 101 for 2017

  1. I love looking at how different people use their journals. One idea that I use that might be useful to you (as you mention doing something next time) is a page at the back of your journal with three headings ‘next week’, ‘next month’ and ‘next journal’. I list the ideas I’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest that I want to try as a memory aid. It’s really useful.

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