Bullet Journal 101

With 2017 just a few days away, I developed template layouts for my 2017 bullet journal. Before I started, I researched all the ideas on Pinterest and found some ideas that I loved.

I designed these layout for my Etsy store with the goal of keeping the design minimalistic, allowing the user to be creative with their own colors and illustrations.

Here is what I found for ideal bullet journals on Pinterest

  1. First you need the ideal journal, mine is from the dollar store.
  2. A great Bullet Journal needs a key
  3. An Index helps to find exactly where information is in the journal
  4. A yearly, monthly , weekly and daily view is needed
  5.  Pages for other special stuff, like books you want to read etc.
  6. colorful pens.

So with all the above in mind, I found a layout that I love, a circular view that show all the Birthdays for the year, all the anniversaries for the year.



But I am way ahead of myself. First the journal,  a plain unlined brown paper will work well for me.


Now remember we need a key, this should be stuck to the front or back covers for easy access.

The design of my key is a foldout for the front cover or a pocket for the back cover.  First I printed then cut the file.

The back pocket now stores my extra stickers. Both the Key and the pocket got some extra pizazz  with scrapbook paper.

The digital file is now updated with extra text to print and cut out that says “key” for those who want to stick text to the blank space.

Next is the year start 2017, the design done here is on cardstock and stuck with spray glue, sticker paper works well also. I will go back and decorate some more.


The Index to help organize the journal entries is next. I am leaving 3 pages to add more index printouts for this.

The page number and description is entered as you enter. Do NOT number all your pages ahead of time, do the page numbering as you go.


The next few pages for yearly layout are what I started with at the beginning of this entry : the yearly birthdays and anniversaries. If there are other yearly events you would like, I would be happy to develop so let me know.

Below is the start of my birthday page… next time I would use different colour pens to track different family and friends. Also for the Anniversary page, my circle will be smaller.



I will end here but will blog about the other pages in my layout later.

For all the digital files in SVG, DXF, PNG, PDF format for year layout, monthly pages, and week pages as well as habit tracker, quote boxes, book reading tracker and more, visit my Etsy store.

Thanks for Reading.

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