The Last Page for The Tunnel Book!

Page four is the Last Page and then we get to put it all together: it is very simple so keep reading.

This last page is very simplein design, the moon is in the background with some snow covered trees that are slightly blocking a small church.

The size of the page is the same for all the pages: the rectangle is 6.004 inches by 6.073 inches.

The circle on the inside gets smaller with each page going from biggest in the front to smallest at the back.   You can set the circle to the size you desire or use the pages I created.

Items that look cut out or ar attached to the circle are combined  with the page using create compound path option in Silhouette Studio.

On this last page I have combines all the images and the page in one file. I also have the parts (6 of them ) that will hold the pages together.

It looks like this one below:


The dashed lines are folded and the finished strip is ” U” shaped. To construct the card you start with the first page , and glue it to the inside top of the strip or the inside left of the “U”.

Each page needs to have a space so make sure when you are gluing the pages they do not end up resting against each other.

I will post My finished card in my next post.

As always, these files are for personal use. Feel free to share the files via the blog link. Please post your project to our facebook page.

Final Page Studio3

Final Page GSP


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