Page two is very simple. The file below has the various buildings and the cute stone bridge.

All of the steps are the same as for the first page: the rectangle is 6.004 inches by 6.073 inches.

The circle on the inside is smaller than page one, you can set to the size you desire or use the page I created.

Buildings are combined with the page using create compound path option in Silhouette Studio. The stars that are cut out also uses create compound path and the one that is hanging is welded to the edge of circle.

If you notice, the buildings are sitting on a little slope, this is a circle positioned as you like and then combined with create compound path move. The buildings used in this card is just a little different from the file I am sharing with you as I did not think to keep a copy the first time I did this page.

As always, these files are for personal use. Feel free to share the files via the blog link. Please post your project to our facebook page.

Buildings and stone Bridge studio3

Buildings and stone Bridge GSP

Second Page Tunnel Card Studio 3

Second page of Tunnel Card GSP


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