I was a bit premature with the santa and reindeer file in my last post since that is page 3 of the tunnel card, so here is page one.

Note that the information below is only if you want to create your own card. I will give you the fully finished card at the end of each blog posts, one page at a time.

Some back ground: I am using 4 pages for the 4 different scenes of the card. All pages are the same size 6.004 inches by 6.073 inches.

The cut out circles are various sizes that you can choose the size yourself if you do this project from scratch. You don’t have to use a circle.

The trick is to layer the page and circle and then choose “create a compound path”. That will cut the circle out automatically.

The first page is made up of a rectangle that has the largest of all the openings used for this project.

I then used one tree file  and created various sizes, a bunny and snow flakes and attached them to the cut out circular opening.

The bunny and trees were selected with the rectangle and then you create compound path to attach. The snowflake file was copies at various sizes, grouped and “cut edge” chosen. and then grouped to the card, not with a compound path!

I did not attach the star file to this blog post as it is two triangles welded together so go crazy with your own favorite star. The stars are attached with the compound path move and it will cut them out of the background.


I hope you enjoy these files and stick with me till we have a complete tunnel card in a few days time.

As always, these files are for personal use only. You are welcome to share them but do so using the blog link.

If you complete the project, please post on our facebook page as I would love to know how it turned out.


Tree Studio3

Tree GSP

Bunny Studio3

Bunny GSP

Snowflake Studio3

Snowflake GSP

Finished First Page Studio3

Finished First Page GSP


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